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TS Dates Review | Review

TrannyDating Website is an online platform where single transsexual community of people can hook up, socialize and date. The members are drawn from all over the world. This website has majored in providing dating services to single shemales. The major dating services sought after by the website visitors include sex, love and fun. Over the website’s long existence, it has managed to attract a following of over 30 million members. This makes it a good hotspot for those looking a transsexual partner. The website offers a rich variety of individuals in terms of the appearance, culture, race and age of the members, from which one can choose from. Tranny Dating is among the proud pioneer dating sites for the transsexuals.

With the website’s design centered on the user, there are numerous features integrated into the website that for sure guarantees user satisfaction when using. The website is user friendly with important features that allow members to interact with one another while experiencing little or no difficulty. The website allows its users to create and share their profiles. These profiles have profile pictures of the members. The website has made it easy to its members to upload their chosen pictures and update them in their own profile. Other than the profile picture, the website has also provided a functionality to allow individual members to create a collection of pictures and share them so that other members in the website can view them at their own free time. This can be seen as a great opportunity that the Tranny Dating offers its members to market themselves within its platform.

The Tranny website cannot be described better without mentioning it state of the earth search functionality. The search functionality on this website gives the searching member the opportunity to customize their search. It allows one to do deep filtering of the search with the aim of narrowing down to their last bit. With the user’s search criteria being the center of their search operation, they are able to specify, where possible, the geographical location of the target members. This implies that, one can simply narrow the search to his or her country.

Websites, just like other communication media need to support two-way communication, or else, they risk losing relevance. This is why TrannyDates opted to provide for ways for its members to communicate amongst themselves. Among the available communication means are text messaging and emailing. Messaging is the primary means of communication in the platform. When approaching your target on the platform, text messaging comes in handy. However, when different members reach a compromise on their relationship, they may decide to move a step higher and share their emails addresses. These email addresses will help them converse outside the Tranny dating website. During communication, people tend to be psyched up whenever they get a feedback during communication. This explains the idea behind TrannyDates including the instant messaging feature on their website. With this, real-time communication between users is possible.

Another important feature that this website has is the Group feature. This feature revolves around members with common interest creating Chat rooms (groups) where they can share content among themselves. A typical example of members of the chat room is that they have a common origin. Chat rooms provide a perfect environment for members with common ground to avail their group specific content such as websites and blogs where one can get their interest addressed.

With all these features, Tranny dating website has proved to be among the top preferred websites that offer dating services to the transsexuals. One of the major reasons for its continued growth is its presence as a member in the Adult friend finder community. This community makes a large block of websites that offer dating services to their members. With this growth, this network of websites can be considered successful. Furthermore, other key indicators of its success include the quality and reliability of its content.

The membership for TrannyDates website is subscription based. When comparing their prices with those of their equal competitors in the transsexual dating industry, it is within the market price of US 15 dollars a month for their Gold membership. However, when you look at their ranking in the industry, they rank highly and maybe, that’s the reason why you should sign up with them and enjoy their transsexual dating services, over their competition.

Transgenderdate Review | Review

There are many transgender dating sites out there in the internet where trans-people of different categories get to come across each other in search of sex, love, dating, friendship and many more. One of this sites is called Transgender Date. Even though it may not be ranked among the best and popular transgender site in the world, it does offer transgender individuals a vast of features to access to, and above all, it is totally free to enter and become a trans-dating member. Actually, the site has more than 65,000 profiles to look at.

Features of Transgender Site

Profile creation/Registration
It is very simple to become a member at this site. The procedure of profile creation is very easy and you’ll be done in some minutes. When you open the Transgenderdate.compage on the internet, you will proceed to fill in some basic details needed, like your name, nationality, zip code, and date of birth, username and your email address.
It’s important to note that the username will have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 16 characters, whereby no spaces are allowed. Also, a mandatory detail to be filled is your gender, and which type of gender you are interested in.
Unlike other sites, here you don’t need to verify your details through an email. Once you are over with the procedure of registration, you’ll be able to get into the site and see other members’ profiles. For the purpose of verifying your account, you will need to take a photo while holding a code sent to you on the site, then upload the photo to the same site. The reason for doing this is to assure other users that you are the one who you really claim to be.

Photo gallery
Members have that benefit of browsing through thousands of sexy and arousing photos uploaded by other site members at the photo gallery. As a member, you are allowed to upload a maximum number of 500 photos of yourself. On top of that, some videos can be uploaded if you want to really market yourself at the site.

Hospitable atmosphere
There is no doubt that when you log in to this site as a new member, the simple and basic outlook of it makes you feel welcomed, which is a positive thing to any site on the internet. However, comparing to other sites, Transgender still needs to do some more polishing to this.

Once you become a member, you are allowed to mingle with others while knowing each other better through some added features like the ability to create a blog of your own, and being able to comment on other member’s blogs. In such created blogs, one can be able to rate another member’s blog or even post some photos and videos.

Live and video chats
Once a member gets successful in finding another member with the qualities he/she was looking for, they can now start totally free live audio or video chat in real time, of which the purpose is to know each other better.
Apart from that, the site also allows transgender individuals to have forums, chat groups or chat rooms where they are the ones to decide the topic for discussion.

As noted earlier, this site is absolutely free unlike the others which will require you to fill in details of your Credit Card. Actually, what makes this site going are the donations received.

Date A Crossdresser Review | Review

People who are open to cross dresser dating or people who cross dress themselves might be able to get a lot of use out of the Date A Cross Dresser website. This is truly a great resource for the people who are interested in being able to find partners who have the same passions as they do, or at least partners who understand their passions. People can be anonymous here. This is particularly important when it comes to safety for the people who decide to do cross dressing. Many of the people who do any sort of gender bending have risked violence in the past.

People are able to keep their identities completely private on Date a Cross Dresser. Some of the people on the site will be cross dressers themselves. They might be closeted. They might appear in public in their cross dressing personas. This is a website that has more or less become a community of sorts, and there are going to be all kinds of people represented there. This should help more and more people who are interested in crossdresser dating feel at home.

Signing up on this website is completely free. People can send winks and kisses to the people who they find interesting. People will upload profile pictures, which may or may not include them cross dressing. From there, they can start getting involved with their crossdresser dating adventures. This is one of the least judgmental websites that anyone is going to find anywhere. Some people might prefer to date fellow cross dressers. Other people might be open to dating anyone who is going to accept them. Some of the people on Date a Cross Dresser might be interested in a long-term relationship, while other people are going to be interested in a casual relationship. Both styles are welcome.

People might do cross dressing for a lot of reasons. Historically, some people just did it in order to pass as the gender that was in power at the time, with a lot of women pretending that they were men in order to gain more opportunities. These women might not have actually been trans-gendered, although some of them surely were. Still, some of them were probably just trying to pass in order to lead different lives. Many of the cross dressers today, who will often be men dressing up as women as well as the other way around, will have lots of different reasons for doing what they are doing.

Some cross dressers are trans people who are doing cross dressing as a form of gender expression. Other cross dressers are doing it for very abstract emotional reasons. For some people, it is sensual or even sexual in nature. The negative stereotypes about cross dressers do not hold true. Fortunately, fewer people believe in them today as LGBT people gain more social acceptance. It is certainly going to be possible to find acceptance in a community like this one. This is a place where cross dressers should feel loved, and where they can find real love individually.

Black Shemale Dating Review | Review

If a person has an interest in TS dating they should check out the site Black Shamale Dating. This site has a number of black shamales that are looking for relationship and they are looking for a good time.
A person can join this site for free and search profiles of black females. A person will need to enter their gender and city that they live in. They will need to enter the age range they are willing to hook up with and profiles of the shemales will appear. A person can then look through these profiles and contact the shemales they are interested in speaking to. All of this can be done for free.
The shemale dating site will allow a person to search profiles. All they need to do is log in with their member id and they can search the shemales. They can search by the type of relationship they are looking for and shemales that are looking for the same thing. This way there are no games and both people have the same expectations.
Black Shemale Dating respects the privacy of the member. Additional internet security is taken to make sure that the members accounts are secure and they cannot be broken into. The site takes harassment very serious. If a member is harassing another the site will handle this matter right away. If a member does not want to speak to another they can block them. This will prevent all messages and communication from further happening. This site takes extra measures to protect the identity of all users.
This TS dating site has thousands of members. The site has profiles of the shemales and a description of about they are looking for and what they like. This dating site is a safe place for a person to explore their interests in a private setting. The free member will allow a user to search profiles and send flirts to those that they are interested in speaking to. Flirts will show another member that someone is interested in them and give them the choice if they want to reply.
This is one of the top Black Shemale Dating communities on the internet. This site is trusted due to the extra security measures that are taken as well as the free access to profiles. This is the site that black shemales come to find love and hook up with others that enjoy their lifestyle. This site can help females find love or they can help a person find a new friend. It is also good for people that are looking to try out this alternative lifestyle.
Black Shemale Dating gives black shemales a safe place to meet each other. This site will allow the shemales to connect with people that love the and are interested in partaking in this alternative lifestyle. The site is designed for those looking to find love affection or just a new friend. This site allows users to register for free and they can safely look for those with the same interests.

Top 5 Transgender Dating Sites Review

Most of the traditional dating sites rarely accommodate the transgender people. These sites fit people into boxes of male or female and make it so difficult for transgender people to meet the type of life partner or friend they are seeking. Transgender dating is becoming more popular and people who identify by this term are finding it easier to get connected online to people seeking the common goal. Whether you are looking for some fun or searching for your soul mate, there are specific websites that you will find the transgenders.
Just like any other dating website, the same process applies. You create an account where your admirers can look find you. Once interested in someone, click on their profiles and chat them up. If they agree to meeting you, please do your research on that said person and meet in a public place. We all know that people sometimes are not what they say they online.
A dating site that worthy its salt should offer you a lot a security as you browse their website. Security is paramount as far as I konw online dating. Your online transactions should be a private affair. Remember never to reveal personal information as such Social Security Number or credit card information. If a person asks you for such, flag them as thieves who want to con you.
The list below is made of our top five best transgender dating sites. You will find single transsexuals, shemales, transvestites, crossdressers, ladyboys and their admirers in the following sites

#1 TS Dating  

TS Dating is sole site for transgenders where they can interact with each other without all fingers pointed at them by people who frown against such practices. Like many dating sites, you need to create an account with a valid email account which will be verified. If you are into transgender escorts, this is where you will find and in large numbers for you to choose.
The site is offered free but you get more access and varieties when you get a paid account. If you are unsure about investing this amount of money, you can get a three-day trial as a premium member for only $7.95.
The website has a large following which is a good thing, it makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Try it today!

#2 Date A Crossdresser 

If you are into cross dressing, there is so much you can do and explore over the internet and Date a Crossdresser is the facilitator of this. This website is one of the biggest with over 30 million registered users so your choices are wide. is still a very good dating site. You will need to register and pay a subscription fee to use their services. You will need to provide your location, gender, description of yourself, a username and password which are standard requirements.
The site allows you to check them out for free after which to need to pay a fee. The 3-day trial for premium membership will cost you only $7.95. Premium membership will cost you $29.95 per month. This website is backed and maintained by Adult Friend Finder, a giant dating service so you can trust this service to be the safe and dependable.

#3 Crossdressing 

Crossdressing is a transgender dating site designed to make online dating fun and easy to achieve. You will be connected to a large friendly online transgender community. With around 70,000 members, it is a little smaller than most sites of this nature. It offers excellent service and the best in the business.
Basic membership is for free as with any other adult or cross dressing dating site. The free features are so basic. Paying for membership may be a good idea and may earn you better results and faster. You can be a premium member for 3 days for only $7.95. Monthly premium membership is for $29.95 or three months for $39.99.

#4 Find A Shemale Lover 

This is one of the best transgender dating sites out there. The site has a simple and aesthetically beautiful interface and its membership is diverse with people from all over the world. You will find people looking for serious relationship and others a short fling.

Shemale has a huge following with all kinds of people so your choices are many to choose from. Membership to the site is free, and unlike most sites of this type, you can view profiles without signing up for a premium membership. While you may view profiles with a free membership, viewing dating profile photos requires a paid membership. The premium membership is affordable. With the Shemale Lover website you can send flirts, which is just signaling interest with a minimum of effort.

Find a Shemale Lover is a friendly and easy to use and free to you. Find your next lover or relationship at no cost. Browse the wide selection of members’ today and you won’t be disappointed.

#5 Single Transexuals 

This Tranny website is an exclusive adult transgender and transsexual dating community. You will definitely find your match with this site. If you are looking for some fun with like-minded people, then this site is for you. This is a site with no judgment and you can safely go on doing your business. The site puts in touch with other transgender and transsexuals for you to chat and connect with. The website has a worldwide reach so you get people from all races and nationalities all in one place.
All you need to register by submitting the ts dating review. Try the site and see if it works for you at no expense.


There are so many online sites to offer the same service so before you pay any fee to join, do your research and read reviews to see which best suits your needs.

Online dating has made it so easy to find your date or future life partner so easy and fun the bonus is you find people from are all over the world so your choices are not limited like in the traditional methods of dating. If you enjoy making need friends and meeting people of different backgrounds, you will love the above sites.

A Review of

A Review of
At one time you may have heard someone say that love is beautiful. Falling in love can be a beautiful thing. There is nothing like the happy feeling that love brings. When talking about love dating will come up . In order to fall in love with someone you need to get to know them. Dating is a great way to get to know another person. Many people wonder where the best place is to find love. There are internet dating sites that can help a person find love. will help you find the love that you are looking for.
This website is great and everyone no matter where in the world they are from can find a special person to date. Users on this site are open minded. This site has a number of great features to make searching users easier especially if someone is looking to date a cross dresser.
As soon as a user logs onto they will see a number of pictures of a beautiful woman. She has on a black dress to set the mood and she is nice to look at. Her eyes are seductive and will let you know that you have come to the right place.
Your profile will allow you to post basic information about yourself. The following information will be posted on the profile
l Your email which is also your user name
l A password
l A headline where you are able to describe yourself
l A description about who you are and what you are looking for. Be truthful and it will help you find a date.
l Your date of birth
l Your gender
l The type of person you are looking to meet
l The city that you live in.
Once this information is filled in you will then have to click to validate your account.
There are some cool options are that allow you to add things that other dating sites will not all you to. These are options but cool to use:
l Uploading several pictures
l Instant messaging other users
l Participating in a discussion forum
l Using audio as well as video enabled chatrooms
When you sign up with an account at you are agreeing to the terms and the conditions of this site. You are also stated that you have read and understood the private policy. The website is free to register with and they will not charge a user for their user account. When singing up with this dating site you are increasing the chance that you will find someone that you want to date.
If you are single or know a single friend that is looking for a date they do not have to search any longer. With websites such as the site you will be able to find someone that you really like and want to be with. This website is one of the best for internet dating and finding someone to enjoy a date with.

Single review

There are many online website choices for those wishing to date. There is a variety of different dating websites dealing with all aspects of sexuality and this can be quite daunting for many people. This is particularly true for members of the LGBT community and those who are transsexual. Transsexuals find it very hard to find a suitable partner on mainstream dating websites. Single Transsexuals is a website geared exclusively to assist transsexuals in finding their like minded ideal partner.

The Single Transsexual website brings like minded people together who will otherwise find it hard to meet new friends. Once you have set up your free profile with just a few clicks, you’ll be in a position to find your first date straightaway. The website allows you the opportunity to lose your inhibitions and have fun right from the start.

It is very simple to get started and much easier than you might imagine. There are many transsexuals on the website and finding your new partner will be very easy as you are all looking for the same things. The website offers other services apart from transsexual dating. There are many features specific to make your dating experience unique and great fun. There will be many ways for you to express what you are looking for to find the ideal friend. This is the perfect website for those who are seeking genuine transsexual experiences and personal fun.

Once you have created your profile with just a few key strokes, you will be able to upen up many areas of the website. You will be able to look for like minded people nearby in a city near you. You will also be able do the following:

Use the Forums to meet wonderful people who share your exact interests and needs.

Instant communication so you can immediately strike up friendships and begin to chat.

Updates about you new friends through newsfeeds, so you are always up-to-date.

Single Transsexual gives you lots of features you want to use in your quest to make new friends. When you first join up, you’ll have an opportunity to get into the close knit community of people just like you, who will have similar interests and are looking for companionship. This website will give you the personal experience you won’t find on other dating websites, it will put you in touch with the very people you wish to meet.

You can join for free, no cost and will be in full control of your dating experience right from the start. It will be your choice how you present yourself to potential dates. You will have the chance to meet some wonderful new people who all share your interests and aims. You will wish you joined Single Transsexual much earlier.

You will find the website simple and easy to use with straight forward controls. The website was designed for those with little experience of using a dating website before. Single Transsexuals is will make it simple for anyone to find like minded friends and life long bonds within days of joining.